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NAJcreations (Nadine Al-Jiries) began 15 years ago when I first started working in the gifts and packaging industry at Multibox. What started as a couple hobby projects for charity has evolved into a full-fledged custom card creation company, serving clients across Canada.

I specialize in the making of wedding invitations, baby announcements, handmade cards, special ornaments, tags, and almost anything handmade or creative.
My number one goal on all my projects is to give my clients the satisfaction of getting something unique and customized. My clients love my creations because it really shows their friends and family the importance of their event, and that's what I love!

I am very versatile; physical or digital creations, fancy or homemade styles, whatever your needs are I will strive to meet them.
I work directly with my client, regardless if you are choosing from a template or need an entirely custom creation.


Don't be shy and contact me today. I look forward working with you!

Thank you!


Nadine Al-Jirires

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